Why Choose
DolBa staffing?


The Philippines are a bi-langual country: both Tagalog and English are official languages and all legal papers and contracts are written in English. That makes everything easy to understand for outsiders and easy for you.


Education in the Philippines is based on the American system: elementary school, high school, college, university. The schooling system in general is good and from college-level the main language at school is English.


Just like in the United States the quality of the schools has a big variety: Some schools are really under average and some schools are of very good name and fame. Phil-it knows this very well and prevents you from choosing the wrong direction.


DolBa has several selecting comanies in the Philippines. Every selecting company has it's own specialization and that is how we can service you always in the right way.


DolBa is familiar with the procedures to arrange all papers to let people out of the Philippines. In Netherlands we are tied up with a company that arranges the Dutch part of all papers. The result? No problems for you!