The right people in the right place
How does it work?

The right people at the right place are the clue to success of your company. Your clients trust you to attend to their needs and expectations and that's why they do business with you and not with another company. The quality of your people is the quality of your company.

DolBa staffing is helping you in finding the right people for your company. The Philippines always had a good level of education, based on the American system. Jobs in this field however, are hard to find in this country. The owners of DolBa were already in the field of relocating Philippine workers but the time was not ready yet for placing people in the IT-sector. Now the economic recession is coming to an end and that is the start signal for activity.

How does it work?

You give us your requirements for the postion you want to be filled in. Our people contact you back for more information (if needed).

We will make a first selection of people who are suited for the postion and have a first talk to them. After the first talk we will present the people to you.

You can feel free to ask questions, have an interview on webcam, let them make a test assignment and whatever you think is important.

If you have selected one or more candidates, you can decide to travel to the Philippines for a personal meeting and make your final selection.

You make the decision; we make it happen!

After your decision we start working on the actual placement of the worker in Netherlands: we arrange all papers in Philippines and take care of everyting in the Netherlands. In average it will take about 2 to 3 months before your new employee is in your company.